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Thoughts of a deranged mind

Retch The Grate
13 June
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I am me. Still.

Read my journal and talk to me if you want to know more.

Physical Stats

Height: 5'6"

Weight: ~188 right now, haven't succeeded in doing any weightloss at all in the last year. So lazy.

Hair: Bleached and dyed with Electric Banana mixed with some Paintbox Blue which makes me happy, currently unbraided.

Facial Hair: clean shaven.

Eyes: Cornflower Blue (Like the crayola crayon color!)

Keirsey Temperament: I am an ENFP Idealist, Champion Variant (wow uncommon personality type.) I used to be an INFP Idealist, Healer Variant (even more uncommon) but my raving experiences have transformed my personality to some extent, making me much more outwardly oriented. :) I think the change is an improvement. :)

What do I do (added at grimicus' suggestion): I make video games. Specifically I'm working on Champions Online at Cryptic Studios. Before that I was designing games at Wizards of the Coast (I got to work on Magic: The Gathering, whee!!). I've been working in games for almost my entire life after college, aside from the first year where I did web stuff because I thought this WWW was going to be huge (I was right, just several years too early, argh!). :) I've been at a small developer (Cyber Warrior), a large publisher (GT Interactive Software), a medium-small developer that immediately got bought by a publisher and became a studio (DT Productions/Pacific Coast Power and Light/THQ), and a small developer again (1UP Studios).